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Make-Believe Fiancé

A billionaire cowboy, a divorced teacher with nowhere left to turn, and a fake engagement they thought would solve all their problems. They never meant to fall in love.

Gwen Alder is starting over — divorced and broke, she’s come to Billings, Montana for a new beginning. But waitressing in a roadside diner for the summer isn’t paying the bills, and she finds herself in over her head with no hope of catching up.

Heath Montgomery has it all — fame, fortune and a mega-watt smile, but one thing he doesn’t have is a date for his cousin’s wedding. 

When they cross paths, Heath has an idea — what if he paid her to be his date? No strings, no complications, just a simple business transaction — a way to finally win his father’s trust, and get his parents off his back about settling down once and for all.

She’s poor and plain. He’s wealthy and arrogant. 

They didn’t want anything more than a simple arrangement. They never planned to fall in love. But sometimes cupid has a mind of his own.

What Readers are Saying

Vivi Holt’s writing brings me so much joy! I was enthralled from the start of the book and could not set it down! I am so glad she has such a large catalogue of books so I can binge read each series!

MB Fiance

Make-Believe Wedding

Two strangers meet from feuding families - can a fake wedding bring their families together?

Molly Beluga was abandoned at the altar and has no intention of heading back there anytime soon. When she crosses paths with an arrogant fireman, she knows better than to let her heart get involved. She can’t face the idea of having it broken by another failed relationship. A serious journalist working for her family’s newspaper, her only plan is to focus on her career and to train her new Labrador puppy, Daisy, to behave.

Tim Holden left the family newspaper to become a fireman with the Atlanta Fire Department. After a lifetime of watching the newspaper business consume his family, he has no time for journalists, let alone a beautiful and feisty journalist with no regard for anything other than getting the story. Now thirty, he’s grown tired of bouncing between short-term relationships so when an idea emerges for a fake relationship, he’s intrigued. 

Will these enemies sheath their swords long enough to formulate a plan that just might bring their warring families back together? 

A modern retelling of the classic tale, Romeo and Juliet, without all the gore.

What Readers are Saying

“This story is amazing. I loved every bit of it!” – Amazon reviewer

MB Wedding

Make-Believe Honeymoon

Two private investigators pretend to be newlyweds in love on a Caribbean honeymoon cruise to catch a killer, but what happens when make-believe feelings turn real?

Former Navy SEAL, Callum McKenzie, struggles to open himself up to love. So, when he books a ticket on a honeymoon cruise for a case, he has to find someone to play the role of doting wife. He hires someone, based on a recommendation from a friend, but when he meets the petite single mother, Callum has misgivings. He’s attracted to her in a way he’s never felt before, but he’s her boss. Can he keep things professional between them and fight his forbidden feelings long enough to solve the case?

A former beat cop, Jessie Arwens, moved back home to Atlanta after losing her husband. All she wants now is to see her son settled in his new school and to start over as a private investigator. An old friend recommends her for a job with a successful local PI and she jumps at the chance to establish herself. When she meets him, she quickly finds herself caught up in their act. But she’s been burned by love before and doesn’t want to risk her son’s happiness by leaping into a new relationship, especially with the man who’s currently paying her wages.

Cruising through the tropical Caribbean, the two of them uncover a nefarious plot and web of lies on their pretend honeymoon. But they soon discover that when it comes to matters of the heart there’s a fine line between make-believe and reality.

What Readers are Saying

In the category of Christian Romance, this book is one of the best. I absolutely loved it!

MB Honeymoon

Make-Believe Husband

He’s a professional football player, she’s his best friend’s sister. He knows she’s off-limits, but there’s something about her he just can’t resist.

When Jax Green, star running back for the Atlanta Falcons, loses his Dad he heads back to the small town he calls home to mourn. While there, he runs into Stacey Murphy for the first time since high school and he’s surprised by his attraction to her. But can he go against a promise and date his childhood best friend’s sister?

Stacy Murphy has dreams for her life, but every time she reaches for them something knocks her down. When her high school crush returns home, feelings resurface but she is certain she could never be more to him than his best friend’s little sister. And what if he breaks her heart all over again?

When Jax grows weary of all the attention he’s attracting from the single women in town Stacy hatches a plan to help him get the space he needs. Perhaps a fake marriage could be the answer to both their problems.

What Readers are Saying

Poignant but heartwarming!

MB Husband

Make-Believe Proposal

The proposal is fake, but his feelings are real. A heartwarming friends-to-true-love story.

Billionaire businessman, Roland Kirk, has moved on with his life but never opened his heart to love again since losing his wife six years earlier. The nanny he hired to help raise his two girls has, piece by piece, woven the broken strands of their lives back together. So, when her ex-boyfriend breaks her heart, he’s ready to jump in with a fake proposal to help her save face.

June Green always wanted to be a nanny. She loves her position, working for the hottest billionaire in Atlanta and taking care of his beautiful daughters. When her ex-boyfriend parades his new fiancee in front of them all, she’s devastated… until Roland gets down on one knee, surprising everyone.

He’s her friend, her boss, and the most eligible bachelor in town. Anything more between them would be too complicated and could risk the life she’s grown to love. But an unexpected date leads to a surprise, spine-tingling kiss that changes everything between them and sparks feelings she can no longer ignore.

What Readers are Saying

'Make-Believe Proposal is a Hallmark style, feel good, heart warming story. I was captivated from page one."

MB Proposal

Make-Believe Marriage

Two high-school sweethearts meet a decade later, but an impromptu Vegas wedding could tear everything apart.

Rachel Hill longs for a family of her own, but time is ticking away and she’s never been able to get past the loss of her high-school boyfriend.

Daniel Montgomery leaves the family business to strike out on his own when his fiancee calls off the wedding leaving him alone, confused and broken-hearted. 

They run into each other unexpectedly and recall a vow they once made: if they’re still single at forty, they’ll marry each other. With middle-age looming, these high school sweethearts elope without giving it more than a moment’s thought. But in the cold light of day, they soon come to regret their hasty choice.

What Readers are Saying

The author drew me in at the start and I was hooked.

MB Marriage
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