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She’s a pilot, he’s an air traffic controller. When a storm leaves her plane stranded in the air, his is the voice that will bring her home.

Karen Pascoe is a new pilot, when she runs headlong into a handsome man in the grocery store and ends up with her lips pressed to his. It’s not the most romantic meet-cute and she’s in a hurry to get her new career underway, with no time for love anyway.

Edward Holland is recovering from his time in the military and a broken heart. His room mate is a slob, his dog is only companion, and his job as an air-traffic controller is the one thing keeping him grounded.

When a freak storm and a sick captain leave Karen in charge of bringing a plane-full of passengers home, the one who helps her manage under pressure is the same man she ran into in the grocery store.

With instant sparks between them, it seems they’re destined to fall in love.

But will they be able to leave the baggage of their past where it belongs, or will it ruin their chance at happiness?

What Readers are Saying

Vivi Holt’s writing brings me so much joy! I was enthralled from the start of the book and could not set it down! I am so glad she has such a large catalogue of books so I can binge read each series!

Meet-Cute Kiss
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